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talkfest quiz

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11. ‘My computer gave up the ghost last weekend.’ Is this correct English?
12. ‘Where is the nearest hole in the wall?’ What does this mean in everyday English?
13. What is the real meaning of 'Beamer' in English?
14. Had I had more time, I would have contacted you earlier.
Is this correct or incorrect English?
15. We need the documents p.d.q..: what does this short form mean?



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11 to 15 answers correct 
Well done! You have an above-average knowledge of idiomatic English and should give yourself a pat on the shoulder. You clearly like English and are an interested and motivated learner of the language. So go ahead and take up the gauntlet - contact us about a talkfest seminar/course which will challenge you even further.

6 to 10 answers correct
Not bad! You have a sound knowledge of idiomatic English but there is always room for improvement. Read and listen to as much English as you can and enjoy taking note of pieces of language which are new and useful for you. Or simply contact us about a talkfest seminar/course. It´ll pay off.

0 to 5 answers correct
Think positively! You have just learned a number of things about English you didn´t know before. The more vocabulary you understand and can use, the more powerful a communicator you can become – so what are you waiting for – contact us about a talkfest seminar/course today rather than tomorrow!

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